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Bedazzle. Bewonder. Berlin.-lovers you better pay attention!

Some of you might have already heard of a fashion store called Voo in Berlin, located in the heart of Kreuzberg, in a backyard on Oranienstrasse and on the premises of a former locksmith shop.
This store is really representing all the (good) values for which Kreuzberg is known: Its spectrum of cultural and creative diversity.

Voo presents a range of products that have the potential to become prized possessions for life. From streetwear to high fashion it offers you (sometimes rather edgy) collections from uprising designers, new brands or the good old ones like Acne or Nike. To give you a short impression, here is a list of just few of them: Henrik Vibskov, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Surface to Air, Silent by Damir Doma, Soulland, Stine Goya, Don't Shoot The Messenger, Wood Wood, Rxmance, Something Else, Pendleton, Cheap Monday, Frost Birgens, B store, Long, Twins for Peace, Jeffrey Campbell and Grenson.

When it comes to the concept and philosophy behind Voo, not only the selection of designers and products play a key role. With its offers Voo sets quite an emphasis on design, creativity and craftsmanship. The store offers a delicate range of design objects, as well as gift ideas, literary classics or selected magazines. And don't forget the handpicked vintage clothes. In other words it is one of those places where you can discover and purchase things you won't find anywhere else. And I'm not referring to those “Thanks... but... what is it, hun?” moments. You can enjoy it as a platform for music, design, fashion and art. 
Personally I love this place so much not only due to the fact that it gives you the chance to land great finds in clothes. In addition you can savor truly tasteful coffee and delicious (!) baked goods aaaand the creators of the store are hosting regular exhibits, readings and concerts. And - compared to other places I've been to in Berlin there's something to be said about this little wonderland when the customer service can be compared to walking in a Spa facility haha! Sooo whenever you come visit Berlin, give it a shot and create some bedazzling thank you moments of your own. And for those who can't come, there's an online store, too! You're welcome.

p.s. in love with those Voooo-nderful soft sweaters

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