A Reminder: The Power Of Modern Classics

I think it’s safe to say we are all pretty fashion-savvy. We know what’s in and we know what’s out. 
But in Fashion, it is even more important to know it is that lasts: modern classics.

First thing that comes to our minds when discussing classic pieces in fashion is sure to be the Chanel 2.55, accompanied by the Birkin and the little black dress by Lagerfeld.
These items made their mark and are set as traditional examples in fashion history. They are iconic. Whoever wears them, is seen and judged in certain way by the public.
Nevertheless, the future sure will be written by a new era of timeless pieces.

When talking about new classics in Fashion I'd like to refer to items having a lasting worth and significance in society, being well known, simple and yet traditional. They are definite and serving as a standard or model of its kind. It's like referring to an established set of rules in the arts or sciences. Characterized by simplicity, regularity and purity of form they will be of lasting interest. Everyone knows them - and their meanings.
Nowadays it’s an unwritten fashion rule to invest in those kind of key pieces that are believed to remain on trend years from now.
The majority of us talking won't be able to afford designer pieces with expiration dates each season. Actually, we are barely able to feed ourselves ;P

When browsing through the daily roll of fashion blogs you will recognize that very few tend to dress in a classic way, meaning they like to invest in whats right on trend but loose more and more focus on what they still could wear the following year. It certainly has to do with the modern times written by a fast moving and changing society and market. Whenever you want something it will be available, and quick. And it won't last.
Another reason is that people fear to be seen as conventional, conservative, old-fashioned or simply uninspiring when wearing things that are well-known. People often forget that pairing simple styles with significant statements pieces is to be a good opportunity to look strong, elegant and chic at the same time. Because those looks are fluent in quality.
And actually it’s a pretty safe way to dress. As I already mentioned, just throw on one or two key pieces and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Modern classics grant everyday outfits an edgy, unconventional twist without ending up too pushy. These looks are easy to wear cause there aren’t many ways to throw them on; actually, mostly there’s just one. The way you wear your Givenchy Antigona, Saint Laurent white button down blouse, Balmain shoulder-padded jacket, Balenciaga’s Ceintures and Chloé’s Susannas, the Céline Trapeze, Acne’s Rita or your Balenciaga quilted motorcycle jacket - you know the deal.
When sticking to the rules mentioned, it is still possible to wear classics in a quite modern way, for example by mixing them up with fresh pieces that are right on trend.
Mixed correctly they are powerful. No one will dare to assume you to be a fashion victim gone wild and out of control or being bitchy. You will be noticed as a harmonious and elegant – but still superior person, it’s a phenomenon of what is called social proof. And let’s not forget: using classic statement pieces with your daily looks doesn’t mean you automatically look just like everybody else, you can still manage to create your own look when mixed and matched the way you desire and think it's right.

The point of this article is to drive home that classic statement items are versatile, serving as the established model or standard but still remain superior and an unusual example of its kind. In my opinion, using them is the heart of a successful wardrobe. And you don't need a lot of them. Choose them wisely and their versatility and longevity is beyond compare.

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