Inspiration: Glass With Class

It's been confirmed... 

I'm getting old. And glasses! And I still don't quite know how to feel about it..

To swing my opinion to the positive side I took a look at some rather fine specimen that I think prevent people from looking like a bossy secretary or something. You know the deal. I mean wearing glasses CAN certainly look fancy fantastic - even Marilyn Monroe did wear one (hers were shaped in a cat-eyed way. This shape embodies a huge trend in eyewear 2014, both in sunglasses and ophthalmic collections). Nowadays you might even get the impression that people who actually can see perfectly fine wear glasses more often than those who'd really need them, using them as an accessory. So let’s take a look at some classy glasses. Personally I will have to take a closer look as I am blind as bat. I really hope that my mind tricks will work.

Miu Miu 

Dolce & Gabbana




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