Report: Nicholas K FW13 at MBFW New York

Fierce - that is the first word that came to mind seeing a very chic fashion army march down the runway at Nicholas K yesterday. 

Cold, neutral colors like blacks, greys and blues created a serious atmosphere while printed goggles and unattached hoods gave the impression that the models had just returned from an intense mission saving the world. Their 'uniforms' consisted of layers and layers of soft silks, crisp leathers and luscious fur which added just the right amount of sophistication. We loved every single look - and vow to pile up a lot more layers in the future!

We thank the fashion troops at Nicholas K yesterday and hope that they will save the day again today - during the horrible snow storm in New York. Everyone be safe!

Pictures - Courtesy of MBFW


  1. Im probably one of the biggest Nicholas K collection and love this one. It is influenced by frozen landscapes. I love the very unique cuts, the texture of the fabrics and their color palette.

    1. Dear Martin,

      we absolutely share your love for Nicholas K and especially this collection is amazing! Did you attend the show yesterday?


      Muesli Couture