Report: Candela FW13 at MBFW New York

Pictures by Annalisa Podwin <3

2:30 PM and our feet were killing us. Because: don't we all underestimate the first day of fashion week and think we could totally pull off 5 inch heels running around the city all day? Don't we all tell ourselves that tights and a hat would be enough to brave the blazing cold February weather?

Needless to say, my friend and photographer Annalisa and I could not at all pull it off. By the time the Candela show started we were ready to go home, kick off our shoes and climb into our cozy beds - until we actually entered the Box at Lincoln Center and caught a glimpse of Candela's Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Even under normal circumstances the collection was, of course, an every girl's dream - but especially in our vulnerable situation we were literally yearning for the casually thrown on cardigans in combination with soft, flowing dresses - and quite jealous of the model who was lucky enough to be sprawling across a vintage sofa. The thick-knit tights, knee-high socks and hats made you warm up from the inside out and the exclusively flat shoes and boots made for a more than comfortable atmosphere.

Candela designer Gabriela Perezutti truly knows how tell a fairy tale with her collection, which was full of lace, sparkle, leather, sparkle, knit, sparkle, crochet - oh, and sparkle! She incorporates very feminine and vintage, but also casual and rustical elements - always creating a sophisticated collection that makes every girl feel comfortable.

Totally awestruck by the amazing collection and setting, we forgot all about our hurting feet! Thank you, Candela!

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