Designer to Watch: Rosemary Paone Designs

Now that the fashion week craziness is over, we can finally show you the pictures of our little photo shoot and introduce to you the lovely and talented Rosemary Paone! I know, I know, we have been flooding your social media with this, but, you know, one day in the near future you will appreciate our nagging - because you will have known Rosemary Paone before she was world-famous!

Rosemary Paone is a New York City-based young fashion designer who goes the Fashion Institute of Technology with Kim. Two of her favorite designers, Marchesa and McQueen, are known for their breath-taking gowns. Coincidence? I think not. Inspired by nature and classic silhouettes, she creates feminine clothing that make a woman look - and feel - beautiful.
Rosemary Paone won 2nd place in a national competition called Fashion Island, where she submitted the 'Zoo Dress' inspired by tortoises and the Staten Island Zoo. She also made a dress for Miss Verrazano to wear during her campaign to be Miss New York, bringing her huge regional popularity. For the famous twig dress she won 1st place in her High School's Green Fashion Show - two times in a row! Just recently, her twig dress has been put on display in a very cool clothing store in SoHo, that specializes in sustainable clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics. 

You think it can't get any better than this? Well, the greatest of Rosemary's achievements is being a lovely person - and an amazing friend to all of us. Kind-hearted and honest, she accomplishes everything she does with passion. And that - without a doubt - shows in her designs. But see for yourself ...

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