Report: Brandon Sun FW13 at MBFW New York

Boohoo, Fashion Week is officially over for us ... but with Brandon Sun as our last show, this Fashion Week definitely went out with a big bang!

Brandon Sun's FW13 collection was sexy, cool, grungy - and very intriguing. The lovely details of every single outfit made you cling to one model for almost half an hour - just to find another little specialty. For example: a little fringe coming out from under a coat, sheer chiffon peaking through a jacket, luscious fur wrapped around the model's neck or a very interesting twisted top. The color palette of mostly blacks and greys but some greens and blues was very dark and also the various layering, the chunky necklaces and the models' messy hair added to this grungy effect. Crisp leather, well-tailored jackets and pants and elegant silk dresses counteracted by incorporating a lot of sophistication.

All in all, we absolutely adored Brandon Sun's FW13 collection and were glad that it ended our fashion week on such an amazing note!

Photos - Courtesy of Fashion Now

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