Impressions: (Capsule) Collection

Anna, Kim and I went to (Capsule), an international tradeshow presented in Berlin, Paris, Las Vegas and New York City, where we saw a lot of interesting newcomer brands. At the show these brands had the opportunity to showcase their collcetions to prospective buyers and press people like us. We saw brands from all over the world which concentrate on men's and women's clothing and accessories and met a lot of very nice people. The atmosphere was really cool, friendly and laid back and over the home made daiquiris we had the chance to talk to some designers about their work and do some networking.

The brands we liked in particular will be presented on the blog very soon and as soon as Kim gets back to New York she will attend (Capsule) there to talk about possible collaborations with some of the labels. After the show we were escorted to an exclusive after party where we rocked out to 60s music. We have some photos of the show to give you an impression of (Capsule).

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