Report: Lena Hoschek A/W 2013 at MBFW Berlin

Now that we are back at home, we are going to start our little reports about the fashion shows we attended in Berlin during Fashion Week - we had a blast!

Our first show was Lena Hoschek - and we felt so honored to be able to attend! Next to celebrities like Johanna Klum and Bruce Darnell, we were kidnapped by Lena Hoschek and brought to Russia - a very rebellious and punk-y Russia. Accompanied by Russian rock, the models rocked braided hairstyles and folklore-inspired clothing: Every little detail from the music to the designs and the goody bags worked together and told a story of a fun youth in cold Russia. We absolutely loved it - Lena Hoschek sure knows how to captivate a crowd. Enjoy some pictures that we were able to take during the show - and a video of the finale!

Photos - Courtesy of MBFW Berlin

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