Report: Anne Gorke A/W 2013 at MBFW Berlin

We were very impressed by Anne Gorke’s show. The German new comer designer’s collection was full of simplicity with a grungy twist: We saw classic, feminin shapes and fabrics in simple, pure colors such as black, white, grey, blue and champagne. 

But that’s nothing special. 

So here comes the Gorke-effect: Take some all-time favorites like little black jackets, silk blouses and tulip-shaped skirts on one hand and modern classics like jersey, and suit coats on the other hand. Now mix with eye-catching details like transparency, beautiful pleats, stockings (choose some red ones, too!) and low-cut backs. And now as the cherry on top, add a hint of 90s grunge: Doc Martens and biker shoes will do! 

Serve on beautiful models and decorate them with classic hairdos and black nailpolish (oh yes, that’s a grunge element, too!) Et viola: A stunning and very wearable aw 13 collection. 

Merci, Miss Gorke!

Photos - Courtesy of MBFW Berlin

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