Inspiration: Bring Back the 70s

Sony Pictures

Let's hope that history repeats itself. Because if a highly overrated Baz Luhrmann movie can inspire designers from all over the world to fill the runways with dazzling flapper dresses, short black bobs with water waves and thick raccoon smokey eyes with thin drawn on eyebrows, then American Hustle can bring back the magical 70s.

And let's face it, a 70s reprise would be a lot more exciting for everyone: No great depression that drives people to the margin of subsistence but a successful civil rights movement that enables individuals of all genders and ethnicities. No prohibition that increases the crime rate and corruption but booze, drugs and love wherever you look. No stiff Charleston music that makes you look like Charlie Chaplin but great rock'n'roll that turns everyone into wild groupies.

So, let's hope the 70s come back once more - and not only in clothes but also in society, economy and people's mindsets.

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