Beauty: Beautifully Bruised

To be clear, we neither support any kind of violence, nor do we want you to look like you just got beaten up in the streets. But when it comes to lip color, the dark side is big right now. Red has always been the color of love while nude colors perfect each look with dainty shimmer or transparent lightness - but sometimes we like to take the purple plunge and go vampy dark. What better way to make a remarkable impact than to throw on some juicy color guaranteeing the amount of attention we are lusting after right in that moment? Yep, there’s none – when done right.

To be fair, the shade we are talking about – dark plum, also famously known as bruised plum - is way too edgy to be hard to go wrong with. To avoid strutting down the walk of shame while looking like you just emptied a bottle of red wine, simply follow these easy steps for some drama to go:

1. Use a lip peeling. In case you do not own any kind of lip peeling, simply use a body peeling or a hand towel.
Remember, this color does not forgive the slightest mistake. The first step is yet essential to the final look.

2. Carefully apply lip balm and let it dry. 

3. Use compact powder on your lips. Yep, you read correctly. This will make your color stay on your lips forever. At least until you put it off. Or somebody else.

4. Apply a matching lip liner. Choose a lip liner that blends easily with your lipstick and does not dry the lips.
Remember that dark colors make your lips look smaller. Do not exaggerate when putting on lip liner, but you are very welcome to go slightly over the edge.

5. FINALLY! Put on the color. Once you did a mistake, try to correct it with the help of a make up remover pen or a simple Q-tip to end up with a smooth line.

6. You may now kiss the.. handkerchief! This step is necessary for making your look last all night. Once you did this, apply one more coat of lip color.

7. Avoid looking goth-inspired. Allow yourself enough room to play up your eyes by keeping the rest of your makeup subdued. Use subtle mascara and do not apply too much bronzing powder on your cheeks (you are better off with pink blush). This shade works fine with pale skin.

8. If you want to dip your toe in the pool without fully committing, start off by using a matte color or a simple lip-gloss. You still can apply a steamy lip-gloss on top of it.

9. Go dark this season and see what kind of reaction you cause!

D-R-A-M-A spelled in a box: 
Tom Ford – Bruised Plum

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