Fall Trend 101: Ankle Boots

Yes, it's officially fall. And there is nothing that whispers "fall is coming" through the piles and piles of orange, burgundy and brown leaves in Central Park like a good ole' ankle boot. Quite literally, they are everywhere: On chic workingwomen strutting down 5th Avenue, on fashionable shoppers frequenting boutiques in SoHo and cool hipsters promenading East River Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For the very unlikely case that you don't have a pair of your own yet, here is a little ankle boot 101. And for the very likely case you still need a second or third (or forth!) pair, this is for you, too.

Chelsea's Mom

The mother of ankle boots originated in London, England, and is worn by all the cool cats of the fashion industry. The elastic on either side of the boot allows a effortless wear and even more effortless style.

Top: Ratner in Tan by Jeffrey Campbell I Bottom: Daisy by The Horse

Kinky Boots

Yes, the first days of fall are beautiful. But what happens when the days get grey and dreary? You'll want these crazy boots to light up your days. Hint: The cow fur boots are my absolute favorite!

Top: Ratner by Jeffrey Campbell I Bottom: Petty Suede Boot by Sam Edelman

Buckles on Buckles

Scared your boots are going to pop open? No? Well, anyways ... These multi-buckled boots will keep you safe, warm and chic all fall and winter long.

Top: Republic I Bottom: McGovern by Jeffrey Campbell (similar boot available at ACNE)


"Look me in the eyes, err, boots!" is what a mean snake used to say in a famous kids' book before it hypnotized and devoured her victims. Now you can do the same! Without the killing part, of course.

Top: Archer by Jeffrey Campbell I Bottom: Chelsea by Jeffrey Campbell

Cut it Out

Show a little skin in all the right places - on your feet! And once it gets to cold in winter, just wear some cute graphic or print socks underneath et voilĂ : You are staying warm and super chic!

Top: Dazzle in Charcoal Perforated by Rachel Comey I Bottom: Oriley in Black by Jeffrey Campbell

Wanted Dead Or Alive

These boots are to die for. Quite literally: They remind you of a scene in a suspenseful western movie where two gunslingers fight to be the ruler of the town. With these boots there is absolutely no need to fight - the town is yours. 

Top: Cowboy Boot in Black by Ganni I Bottom: Ilona by Jeffrey Campbell

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