Report: The Story behind Chanel's S/S 2013 Campaign

Shoes, bags and jewelry scattered all over the floor, models nowhere to be seen. Seems to me like Karl Lagerfeld wants to depict the life of a busy socialite that uses her entire apartment as a closet and simply tosses her shoes in the corner when she comes home late at night. Pretty smart move, Karl.

Chanel's new campaign for its Summer/Spring 2013 collection looks fresh, youthful and careless at first glance - but also conveys a certain amount of luxury and abundance. What could make a woman seem wealthier than her capability to leave accessories worth thousands of dollars scattered around the floor? Exactly. 

It feels to me like Karl Lagerfeld is trying to claim the end of an era - and to ring in the end of the recession, during which women all over the world had to refrain from stocking up on clothes each season but where classic and long-lasting designs were in demand. It will take us some time to see where the economy is headed ... but Karl, in his beautiful world of Chanel, he wants to make women feel luxurious again. Like they have a right to be careless and to have fun. And we can't say that we mind at all ...

Enjoy the rest of Chanel's Spring/Summer 2013 campaign ...

Pictures via Fashionight

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