Halloween: Rhinestone Cowgirl

Only 2 weeks left until Halloween - here are some delicious last-minute costume inspirations for you. Remember: The best Halloween costume is made of pieces that you can still wear individually afterwards! Isabel Marant has brought Cowgirl Couture in fashion - and made it possible for us to dress up as a cute country girl and still be fashionable! 

Pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue

Bolo Bird tie - Asos Vintage; Studded Top - Isabel Marant; Jeans - Mango; Hat - Montecarlo; Check Shirt - Stun-l.com; Clutch - Emilio Pucci; Shorts with Fringe - Pull & Bear; Bralet - Ebay.com; Sequin skirt - Read or Dead; Boots - Isabel Marant; Silk Scarf - Fendi; Denim Shirt - Madewell; Skirt - Alexander Wang.

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